Turn your costs into revenues



What you are going to do is what the “storm vendors” and the “order pickers”
they don't want you do, these simple calculations reveal the true costs of your coolant
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Enter your details and you will see how much your refrigerant really costs you

How much do you pay € / lt for your product?
0 €/lt10 €/lt
How many liters do you consume in a year?
0 lt20000 lt
What percentage do you use of first fill?
0 %10 %
At what percentage do you top up your machine?
0 %10 %
When you clean the tanks, how many liters of emulsion do you dispose of in total?
0 lt100000 lt
How much do you pay € / l for disposal?
0 €/lt2 €/lt

Real emulsifiable economic cost

Each liter of emulsion per filling costs you

Every liter of emulsion you top up costs you

Division of use of the concentrated product

I The liters of product you buy, you consume it for:
The First Fills consume you

Top-ups to work consume you

Total refrigerant costs

During a year of operation you are spending:
For the fills you spend

To dispose of the liquid you replace you spend

Spend for topping up during processing